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"Exercise" what time of day The effect on the body is better?

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In the morning, late afternoon, evening, which time should exercise the most? Do exercise ทดลองเล่นสล็อตฟรี intervals affect our exercise performance?

Exercise during the day vs at night

The latest study reports that Time to exercise It affects the energy metabolism or not. The results found that it is possible, for example, among men at risk of type 2 diabetes, exercise in the middle age This helps the body burn more calories than they would in the late morning exercises. In each person, results may be different based on other factors.

But the theory is possible Is to exercise to match time, our life clock is the best. Watch our life to do various activities. During the day with sunshine And slept during the night when the sun had already set In addition, if you choose to exercise during the day, it is also a time to allocate time to eat. And time to relax and relax during the night as well

Which corresponds to the research results stated People working at night Daytime rest Are at risk for problems with energy metabolism And may be at greater risk of type 2 diabetes than the general public Including people who often eat at night It is better if we choose to eat. And sleep at the right time Including doing various activities Like exercising during the day Than at night


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