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The cause of "belly pong" doesn't always mean "fat"

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Young men and women who have a big "belly" problem if they are already fat people You may not ทางเข้า superslot be wondering how much this round belly came from, but if it is a normal figure to a thin Weight is below the threshold But when wearing clothes, you will still see that the belly comes out You might be wondering how you got this belly. Sanook Health has a cute (but useful) answer from Dr. Thida Kan Rujipattanakul or Dr. Ping, an expert in skin and anti-aging medicine. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital from Pleasehealth Books page.

How did "belly" come about?

A bloated belly is a sign of some changes in the body. There are several ways to measure whether we have a belly or not. One of the easily recognizable formulas is Our waist circumference should not be more than 80 cm for women and 90 cm for men.

The first possible and most common cause is:

  1. Fat belly

A bloated belly comes from the presence of fat in the abdomen, known in the common language as belly fat.This visceral fat is medically referred to as visceral fat. It's not the skin fat that we can pick up in layers.

This abdominal fat increases the risk of developing chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke. Including Alzheimer's Bloated belly from fat in the abdomen is a warning from the body that We need to adjust our diet, reduce sugar, sugars, desserts, fried foods, processed meats, and exercise more. To reduce this excess fat The purpose of reducing belly is not beauty. But to take care of the body back to normal Does not increase the risk of disease in the body.

  1. Flatulence

Another common cause is Puffy belly from flatulence There is a lot of wind in the abdomen. Often accompanied by pain, discomfort, abdominal discomfort, frequent burping, bloated belly, associated with meals.

The causes of bloating are various. Both from diseases such as Stomach ulcers, reflux, gallstones Or from foods that have a lot of gas, such as soft drinks, soda, beer, or foods that are high in pulp and difficult to digest, such as fresh vegetables, pickles, and in some people it can be caused by cow's milk. Because there is no enzyme to digest sugar in milk

If the body sends a signal of large bloating from the air in the abdomen It should be noted that in relation to the type of food. A food diary may be made to determine the relationship between food and symptoms. And if it's chronic Or have other symptoms such as abdominal pain, weight loss, abnormal bowel movements Abnormal stools Should seek medical attention

  1. dropsy

Another type of bloated belly that is rarely found but should be given a lot of attention. Is that the belly is bloated from an abnormally high amount of water in the abdomen Also known as dropsy will have an unusual belly. Not related to body proportions, such as a thin body, but with a large belly They often have other symptoms such as bloating, loss of appetite, and swollen legs.

The causes of ascites vary. Both from liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, inflammation, abdominal infection. Including abdominal cancer, so if the body sends an abnormal bloated belly signal like this Should hurry to have a diagnosis and find the cause.

In conclusion, a bloated belly, whether it is from obesity or from other causes Are all signs that our body tries to tell us That there may be some imbalance or anomalies beginning to occur If you want to use your body for a long time Must keep observing the symptoms and take care of it every day.


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